Up above the clouds

Often love is like a breath of fresh air, on an autumn morning, above the clouds. It makes you dizzy and you fell like floating over the forest. The hills of Salciua from Romania brought me this kind of feeling. Raul and Cristina made a natural blend with the beautiful landscape. We shot this session early in the morning, and in the same time the mist was drawing fluffy white clouds between the hills. Like all the destination wedding photographers I search for the perfect place where the grooms will shine in front of the camera. But sometimes too much thinking kills the artistic touch. So I just let it be, and I focus on the little things that will show the love of those two people: holding hands, a glance to each other, wind in her hair, the beauty of the dress, the smiles and the hugs. Even the merry cows helped me have nice and funny frames. Whatching the photos, I can still hear the sooth sound of their bells, like a song above the silent clouds. I loved the mist most. I tried to play with it in my photos beacause of that feeling of floating. Also, it made a great eccho of the wedding gown. This time the little things made a nice story, frames of an eternal love that Raul and Cristina will share.

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