Open your eyes. Feel the light, the wind in your hair. Breath in. Hear the laughter, remember the tears of joy? Aa, that joy, that day! And the love, the love that will bind us forever. These are the frames of the best film you will ever see. This is the film of your life. Live it. Enjoy it !

Nice to meet you

Hey, my name is Attila and I am your visual storyteller. 

I capture moments and create memories, I tell your story through the eye of my camera. Photography taught me to be sensible and discreet, the experience showed me that nothing is that serious and cracking jokes is always welcome. And finally, my family made me responsable and patient. Couldn't survive otherwise with three boys!

I will be honored and thrilled to be your "partner in crime" on your big day, capturing those little moments and those big feelings. I want to be part of your journey and document it in the purest form. I love to travel the world, no matter where you are from. Every destination is a new challenge, a new opportunity in meeting new friends. Let's create something unique and beautiful. Are you with me? 


Your wedding is your dream. Make it real in a memorable place. In beautiful sothern Italy, on a greek island, in romantic Paris, in fairytale Iceland, or in an exotic and charming asian country, make your dream come true by planning a destination wedding. And most of all, be sure you have the right photographer to capture the best of the moment. Make sure you will have not only photographs for remember, but feelings and vibes translated into images. The destination wedding photographer will know how to create those precious memories. Based on experience, but most on a sensible  eye, he will catch the magic of the wedding location. He loves to travel, to interract with people. He sees the essence and knows to make art. For me, wedding destination photographer is my dream and I am living it. Passionate about people, love, emotions, new places and determined to show the world to my three boys, I travel a lot and I make memories. My art is not only about getting married. My art is about people. It's sincere and spontaneous but also nostalgic and sesnsible. But how can we achieve those insainley beautiful photos? How can you make your dream wedding? Here are some tips on the big day(s), far away:

1. The place says it all. Choose your destination carefully. The place where you have been before should be less risky to choose. You know the area, the avenues, the people. A piece of your heart remained there and now you are going to make it hole again beside you loved one. Also, you should consider the facilities, and the accomodation (should have at least a hotel for your guests.)

2. Save the Date. You should notify your guests far in advance beacause they should plan their trip. (Plane tickets, accomodation). Also, be sure the hotel you reccomand is affordable and has free rooms for that period.

3. Save buget. Just go with the local vibe and incorporate small and affordable decor like olive branches, palm leaves, or traditional cuisine.

4. Hire a wedding planner. Even it may look easy at the first glance, it's the details that make the difference and that will give you a hard time. A professional will always know what to do for the day to be perfect and will always have your back. A less expensive planner could be the venue's coordinator.

5. Visit the place before. As I said, it's ideal to know the place before you decide on having the big day celebrated there. Many details cand be missed or not seen in the photos on line.

6. Vendors. If you have professionals from other places, make a buget for them. You should assure them travel fees, accomodations and meals if they stay along the ceremenoy and party (destination wedding photographer, videographer, dj, destination wedding planner)

7. Things from home. Carry as many things you can take from home.  You know your local fabrics, shops better and you can save on the buget. 

8. Beware of the weather. Although a romantic ceremony at the sunset on a beautiful island of Greece may sound like a dream, you should know that depends of the season, the heat may come up to 35 degrees in midday and 30 degrees in the evening. So, light fabrics, fans and water is a must. Also the restaurant should have a terrace and AC. The food also must be chosen depending on the heat level.

9. Plan with your photographer an after session. The day of the wedding is filled with emotions and "things to do", so it may pass like a blink of an eye. You will have many beautiful photos about the event and the people you love, about the celebration. But you could miss those photos with just the two of you. That's why I reccomend an after photo session, the next day. It may be another effort but I cand guarantee you it's worth it a thousand times. We can walk calmly through the sorroundings and catch the vibe of the city or the romantic nature.

10. Smile. Thing may go exactly how you planned but there are always some little details that will bother you because they are not perfect. There is always some cousin that is not satisfied with the entree. Don't mind them. This is your special day beside your special half. Smile. Take it all easy. Nothing, but nothing should ruin your mood. You should remember this like the happiest day of your life.

It's not easy to plan a destination wedding. It's not easy getting marry either :). But it takes a little effort to make dreams come true. And make sure you have the right wedding destination photographer to catch those moments that really matter and to give you the best memories. 


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