How do we meet?
Usually we meet via video call/chat. I think it’s very important for both of us to speak and build a personal connection. Communication is the key for me to know you better in documenting your story as a friend. Don`t worry, usually it’s a lot of fun talking to each other. If you speak English, we are good.

Are you able to come to our wedding even if it’s located in a different country?
Of course! I simply love destination weddings. I love to travel, actualy traveling boost my excitment for documenting your story.

Do you work alone?
Yes, I’m a one man job. Working alone gives me more creative freedom, which is vital for your story.

What are your prices?
First of all reasonable and tailored to your personal request. I put a lot of my own emotions and heart to all my photos. I’m a full time photographer and the prices depend on my travel agenda. For more info, please contact me.

How do we book a date?
If you want me to be a part of your wedding day, then we sign a contract and you make a deposit of 30% of the value.

How do we arrange your travel?
Usualy, I will book my own airfare, hotel and transportation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What gear do you use?
I use professional cameras, Sony A9, wich is the only camera in the world able to shot in absolute silent mode 20fps. This helps a lot in capturing the most emotional moments without intruding.

How do you work on the wedding day?
Most of your guest will think that I am one of your friends that they have never met before. I will never make you feel uneasy. I am discreet and I shot in total silent mode. You will actually love the time spend together and I will help you if I can. A typical wedding day is about 8 to 12 hours, from the getting ready until the dinner and party.

What’s your philosophy in photography?
I’m an artist soul, so I seek the true moments, the beauty of people, the real tears, the sincere smiles. My work aproaches a film like view, my photos are frames from your movie.

I saw a short film on your website. Do you also create video moments?
Yes, my camera has very good filming features and I can easily capture some nice moments.
But, if you want a full recorded story I can help you with some recommendations.

How can we achieve the best photos?
Great photographs come from great connections and getting to know your photographer is key to getting great shots. If you’re comfortable in your photographer’s company, it stands to reason that you’re going to be more relaxed, and in turn create better photographs together. Furthermore, you want your wedding photographer to get to know your family, understand the relationships between family members and capture those special moments that may not be immediately obvious, but are pivotal to the emotions of the wedding day. You’re going to spend a lot of time with your wedding photographer so it is important they know you, you know them and you get on together.

When will we see our photographs?
Because I take such care in making sure all your edited photographs will look great for years to come, completion takes about six to 10 weeks. At that time, your online gallery will be made available for you and all your friends and family to see.

Where are You based?
I live with my family in the beautiful mountains of  Transylvania but I travel a lot in Europe.

Do you have workshops for photographers?
Yes, I preffer to do One on One style workshops. Contact me for more info.