Extinct Volcano After Wedding – Laura & Valentin

Volcanos. The power of a bilion years of fire brought into daylight. Makes you feel small. Makes you feel the deepest fears.
My steps on this ancient volcano made me emotional. The light and the black rocks sourrunding Laura and Valentin brought their love into the daylight. This amazing place from Romania, called Racos, prepared a dramatic scenery for this TTD session. A destination wedding photographer is always in search for new and impressive places. I search for a special kind of nature, a special light. This volcano valley was everything. The only one not so impressed was their little dog who was trying to get shelter on the bride’s dress. I kept the shots natural, giving the landscape the chance to be famous. It is always an easy job when you have fun grooms and you choose the right place. I invite you to enjoy the photos and visit this amazing place.

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old sulfur mine session - Vero & Radu - Attila Hajos20/02/2019 - 15:31

[…] by the Calimani National Park. If you want to find out more about volcanos you can check out my Extinct Volcano After Wedding session. But his time this stunning sulfur mine was the moonscape that called me and my grooms to make […]