Austria Wedding Photographer

After wedding session are always the best. Organizing a destination wedding is not an easy job, and the emotions are in high levels in that special day. But after, when all is calm and everybody chilled, is the best time for an after wedding session. We can take advantage of the beautiful things that make that place so special. And we make memories of the groom and bride celebrating their love and catch the vibes of the destination. Austria has great natural places, wilderness like forests, hills, mountains, fields, rivers. The greatest river is Danube, of course, and the most breathtaking view upon it is in Braunsberg Hainburg an der Donau. The hight is overwelming and you can see the Danube waving like a snake through the Austrian land. The wind was our friend. He wispered in our ears and played with the bride’s gown all the time. The flow of the dress, the flow of Danube made a perfect match and I couldn’t stop shooting. I am a destination wedding photographer and it seems to me that every place talks to me in a different language. The things are new all the time and gives a fresh vibe to my photos. Becky and Bendeguz were perfect like models, like austrian people in a breathtaking background of one of the Europe’s symbols, the Danube river.

short video soon  🙂