Szandra & Samuel -[ I C E L A N D ]-

EN: If you have never been to Iceland then you must go ! If you already visited Iceland you know why I said that. It’s a place with a landscape from another world. Szandra and Samuel contacted me asking if I was willing to take pictures in Iceland? … even if I would suffer from acrophobia and claustrophobia I would board the plane just to get to the place that was already on my ‘to do list’! 🙂 Szandra and Samuel chose to organize their elopement in Iceland because they are in love with that magical landscapes of Iceland where they return whenever they can. I don’t  want to bore you with my stories because I have no skills to tell stories, so I’d better just let you take a look of the pictures that I saw with my eyes and felt with my heart. 🙂

attila25/01/2018 - 19:58