Ildiko & Csaba -[ H U N G A R Y ]-

No wedding is the same, because no people are the same. I had to travel to Hungary for Ildi and Csabi’s wedding and I was anxious to meet them. When I arrived I felt like in an italian movie because of the very friendly family members and the big italian styled house on the Danube’s river bank. The movie was about a happy day, filled with joy and laughter, the most important day of their family, and I felt like I was a part of it.
Ladies and gentlemen…Ildi and Csabi:

nice wedding photographed by Attila Hajos in Hungary

Dress: Pronovias
Hair: Timea Szavics
Makeup: Geyer Zsuzsanna
Video: Memoriasfilm
Flowers: Viragszep
Cake: Ildiko Zilahine Bellok